Friederike Motzkau, Flute

Friederike Motzkau is a freelance musician and flute teacher in Berlin.
Her artistic focus lies in improvisation, particularly the relationship between sound and movement, which she keeps exploring with flute, alto flute and bass flute. She is an active member of the free improvising scene in Berlin, where she works with musicians and dancers.

Born and raised in West Germany, she began her classcial music education at the age of five. Her interest in movement and improvisation led her to explore the different avenues of ballett and jazz.

Friederike completed her flute studies at the conservatoires in Berlin (UdK), Cologne (HfMT) and Amsterdam (CvA) obtaining degrees in classical music and jazz. Meanwhile she pursued her interest in movement, taking classes in modern dance, tango, salsa, acrobatics and yoga.

She regularly participates in courses led by Katie Duck (dance) and Alfredo Genovesi (guitar) in Amsterdam. Notable peformances and groups include Improvisation Xchange Festival Berlin, Freistil Tanzfabrik Berlin, Ad Hoc-KHM/HfMT Cologne and Giant Owl Research Centre (experimental chamber Orchestra).